Race Rules

General Rules

Cycling BC generally uses the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) and UCI competition rules with very little modification to govern its races. In principle, we believe that riders benefit more from consistent application of the international rules for the sport, rather than by having a separate provincial rulebook. This way, should BC riders travel to race in other provinces or countries, they can reasonably expect that the rules are about the same as in British Columbia.

However, there are a few circumstances that do require rules specific to racing in BC. The text of all such rules can be found below.

Rules that apply to all cycling disciplines are found below.

Plate or Race Number Modification

Riders are not to cut plates or modify race numbers unless approved by the Commissaire. If plate or race number is modified without a Commissaire’s approval, the rider will be fined $20 fine payable to Cycling BC no later than 5 business days after the end of the race.

Sponsors/Team Names on Start Lists, Race Results

Only Cycling BC affiliated businesses, Provincial, National or Trade teams or Cycling BC Affilicated Clubs which are present on the rider’s license may appear on Provincially Sanctioned race results ie: BC Cup, Provincial Championships for all disciplines.

Note: Businesses, Clubs and Teams pay a sanctioning fee to their Provincial Sport Organization which gives them the benefit of having their name appear on the rider’s licence therefore be printed on the start lists and results.

Non-affiliated businesses, teams or clubs will not be allowed to have their names included on the start list or race results.

BC Provincial Champion Jersey

BC Provincial Champion jersey must be worn on race run and podium.

UCI and CCA Rules

The UCI Rules concerning conduct of participants in races (from the general section applicable to all disciplines) are as follows (copied from the 2012 UCI Regulations. Note: In case of an error in the text below, the UCI regulations shall be considered correct. All licence holders are encouraged to visit the UCI web site to become familiar with the regulations. http://www.uci.ch/

Conduct rules specific to each discipline are found in the chapter of the regulations for that discipline.

The CCA rules can be found on the Canadian Cycling Association web site here.

UCI Rules – Conduct of Participants in Cycling Races

1.2.079 All licence holders shall at all times be properly dressed and behave correctly in all circumstances, even when not racing. They shall refrain from any acts of violence, threats or insults or any other improper behaviour or from putting other persons in danger.

They may not in word, gesture, writing or otherwise harm the reputation or question the honour of other licence holders, officials, sponsors, federations, the UCI or cycling in general. The right of criticism shall be exercised in a motivated and reasonable manner and with moderation.

1.2.080 All licence holders shall, in whatever capacity, participate in cycling races in a sporting and fair manner. They shall look to contributing fairly to the sporting success of the race.

1.2.081 Riders shall sportingly defend their own chances. Any collusion or behaviour likely to falsify or go against the interests of the competition shall be forbidden.

1.2.082 Riders shall act with utmost caution. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause. They shall, in the way they behave in the race, observe the legislation of the country where the race takes place.

1.2.083 Carrying and using glass containers shall be forbidden during competitions.

Cycling BC Rules Applicable To All Disciplines

Cycling BC Rule 1.1 – Instructions and Decisions of Commissaires

All riders and other licence holders must at all times obey the instructions of Commissaires; otherwise, they may be penalized by a monetary fine, disqualification, a recommendation for suspension, or any combination of these penalties.

Commissaires are obligated to consider the circumstances of an offense, and decide upon an appropriate penalty considering those circumstances and the applicable regulations. As penalties are only applied in cases where the Commissaires are sure that an offense occurred and where the offender is identified beyond a doubt, decisions and penalties applied by Commissaires are not open to appeal or protest.

Cycling BC Rule 1.2 – Use of Mobile Phones, Music Players, and Video Cameras While Racing

Use of any mobile phone, radio, or music player during a cycling race is forbidden, including during practice. The UCI regulations prohibit the use of radios and mobile phones as they provide an illegal means of communication. Further, such devices cause a distraction, which could be dangerous. Music players are forbidden because riders must at all times be able to hear what is going on around them and to respond to the instructions of Commissaires.

Further, use of any kind of video camera during a BMX, Downhill, 4-Cross, or Dual Slalom race or practice is forbidden. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Use of video devices can encourage unsafe behaviour while racing – that is, riders may be encouraged to take unnecessary risks in order to “get a good shot”,
  2. Use of such cameras can void the certification of helmets and other safety equipment, and
  3. In the event of a crash, attachment of such cameras to the rider’s helmet, body, or bicycle can greatly increase the possibility of severe injury if the rider lands on the camera, or if the camera catches on the ground or some other object.

Failure to remove any of the devices listed above before beginning practice or racing may result in refusal of start for the rider. Discovery of such devices during or after a race may result in a monetary fine and/or disqualification.