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Aug. 6, 2021

Big White BC Cup – Provincial Championships

Registration Open Technical Guide @bikebigwhite is now in its 5th full summer season of operation, and in that time we have seen our park mature and come to have a …

Jun. 30, 2019

Big White – BC Cup (DH) & Provincial Championships

This race is part of Cycling BC's 2019 BC Cup series. Join BC's best riders to race for points throughout the series, in the hopes of being crowned the Downhill BC Cup overall winner. This …

Jul. 24, 2016

L’Alpe de Grand Blanc

On  July 24th, 2016, the L’Alpe de Grande Blanc Bike Race will engage the local cycling community with a challenging ride from Kelowna to Big White Ski Resort in similar fashion to the Tour de France, which …