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May. 27, 2016

iRide Offers After-School & Weekend events

Over the coming weeks, the iRide program is offering 2 new opportunities for riders. Students at select schools are now able to sign up for a 3-day after-school program that immediately follows the 3 …

May. 19, 2016

iRide coaches 1100 students in 1 week

Coach Tubbs, you better watch out, I AM A BMX RACER -┬áLinden, Grade 3, South Meridian Elementary Cycling BC's iRide program┬áhad a busy week last week and coached 9 in-school programs and 1 after-school program …

May. 13, 2016

iRide fleet visits Victoria

Thank you for showing me how to ride the dirt hill walls beside the playground, under the trees. I had no idea I could ride that way and it was pretty awesome - Emma, …