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Women Youth Cycling Program 2012

Escape Velocity Cycling Club is proud to present its 2012 Young Women’s Cycling Program, starting on August 6th. Teams dEVo is designed to encourage young riders into the sport of competitive cycling.

This program is designed to help young women make the transition from bicycle enthusiast to skilled cyclist. Participants will learn about all the major road disciplines, including Track, and Road cycling skills. They will also learn the principles of cycling in a group and cycling-specific cross training.

All program participants will receive

  • Certification to ride the Burnaby Velodrome
  • Cycling BC Citizen Licence for club races
  • Personalized instruction from certified coaches
  • Information about dEVo – Escape Velocity’s Youth Development Team

Program Description


  • 15 to 25 years old


A 4-week program, running twice – weekly with 2 to 3 hour sessions. Aimed at providing an introduction to organized cycling and skills acquisition, focusing on young women.

Goals of the program

  • Introduce young women to the sport of cycling
  • Provide overview of basic sport concepts
  • Introduction to training and basic skill acquisition required for participation in the sport
  • Provide an avenue for intro to racing through joining a local club

Facilities-based, including a mixture of

  • Velodrome sessions
  • Group-riding skills
  • Nutrition and core strength



  • $150 per rider


To register please contact Lisa Howard at
Online Registration: Coming soon!


A facilities-based program

  • Burnaby Velodrome
  • Community Centres
  • Local Vancouver roads

Other Program Details

  • Guest appearances by local female elite athletes to discuss U23 cycling.

For more information about this program or to register please contact
Lisa Howard at