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Canada Games: Day 4


Today was a much welcomed training day.  We already know the course, so today we went for a spin on the bikes along the Magog River, worked on our relay exchanges, and had a mental training session with Team BC’s Sport Psychologist, Dave.


After putting our feet up for a bit and fuelling up for tomorrow we went to the BC vs. NFLD Basketball game to cheer on our home province.  There’s been a ton of support throughout the games for the various provinces.  It’s been a real treat having spectators out on the XC course cheering on BC!  Tomorrow we have the Team relays, which will be one lap of the track for each rider, for a total of three laps.


“Canada Summer Games is wicked!  I’m loving every second and there are so many cool people to meet.  Today we had a mental training session where we discussed controlled and uncontrolled variables in sport.  I took a lot away from this and am excited to put these skills to work tomorrow before, during and after the relay.  Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters who make opportunities like this possible!” – Mikayla Martin


“I’m stoked to be at the Canada Summer Games.  There’s a great atmosphere here and everybody is really friendly.  On our day off today there was a ton to do!  It was nice to get in a little more rest than we had the first two days and explore the campus, meet new people and even cheer on BC at a basketball game. ” –  Jennifer McTavish