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Canada Games: Day 5


Race Day number 2!  Today is relay day, a unique twist to an otherwise individual sport.  There was some goal setting after yesterdays session with Dave and many of the athletes put some of Dave’s information to work to try and accomplish these goals.


The weather was cool and overcast in the morning for the women’s race, a great race temperature, and the sun finally broke out midway through the mens race drying out some of the thick muck and speeding up the course.  The Men’s team had an incredible race finishing third behind Quebec and Ontario –  Congratulations boys!

Photo Credit: Kevin Bogetti-Smith

“I went into the race with a few personal goals in mind, including pbing lap times, using the hills to my advantage and trying to take the faster lines (A-Lines!).  All in all we were able to complete our goals and placed 6th.  Canada Games 2017 be ready for BC’s relay team!  A BIG thank you to all the supporters and sponsors who helped make this trip possible!” – Tarry Cote


“This trip has been a great experience so far!  The athletes that are here are some of the best in Canada and I’m really honoured to be here.  Being one of the youngest riders here I’m learning a ton!  Both Evan and Quinn have a lot of racing experience and Today we won a bronze medal which was super cool.  I’ve always thought of MTBing as an individual sport, so to win the bronze in a relay was a super unique experience to share with my team.  ” – Rhys Verner