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Canada Games – MTB Wrap Up


The last few days have been some busy ones!  Tuesday we checkout the sprint track and explored a little bit of Sherbrooke on our bikes. Wednesday we had our final race, the sprint, a brand new event for the Canada Summer Games this year.  The sprint track was 800 meters of fast flowy berms, a short technical section through the trees, some climbs and a two foot drop into the finish.  There was a great crowd out and the track setup was incredibly spectator friendly!

Photo Credit: Kevin Bogetti-Smith

Photo Credit: Kevin Bogetti-Smith

“Taking part in my second Canada Summer Games has been a wonderful experience.  Having been the young guy in 2009 and learning I am now hoping to be the “old” guy that passes on some knowledge.  Winning a bronze medal n the team relay means alot to me, as we worked hard as a team, not just individual.  I’m proud of these riders as they are the future of cycling.  Thanks to Cycling BC and all their sponsors and supporters that are allowing us to pursue our dreams!”

– Evan Guthrie

Mikayla enjoying some local peaches


“Its cool to be racing the best in Canada.  It was my first time participating in events like the relay and sprint.  It was very exciting to be apart of and I had a blast .  My time at the Canada Summer Games has been amazing.  The racing was very competitive, the sprint were definitely my favorite!  Now that we’re done racing we’re able to take part in some of the activities that the host society have put on for us and cheer on some other teams.  Thank you again to Cycling BC and all their sponsors and supporters!” – Mikayla Martin


“Thanks for a great experience.  Hopefully in another 4 years I’ll be able to take part in the Canada Summer Games again.  I’ll be a much more experienced rider and look forward to sharing these experiences with younger riders!” – Rhys Verner

image-35“The final two races of teh week went quite well for me, earning two bronze, gaining confidence and some high end fitness for my final two races back home.  In the relay I did not feel super on it with my bumps and hills but rode well enough to hold third which Rhys and Evan worked hard to get!  Wednesday I felt really strong.  I knew I had potential to do well in the sprints, but was also aware that anything can happen in such a short race.  I focused on getting hole shots and then holding on until the finish.  I ended up finishing 3rd, I was content with this but knew there was a chance I could have brought home a gold.  My time here at the Canada Summer Games has been very busy, but a very fun and positive experience.  My teammates and coaching staff have been a blast to spend time with too.  I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU too all of those who make these projects possible!” – Quinn Moberg


It was a spectacular week for all the athletes and coaches.  It was a real treat for us to hang out with such talented and down to earth athletes – the future looks bright!  They were all so receptive to our coaching, inclusive of everyone on the team and their competitors.  So much was learned by all, from how to handle the upset of false starts, dropped pedals and crashing to conquering our fears of drops, technical descents, and utilizing our strengths and our weaknesses to come out as best we can!  Congrats to Team BC, yeah ya did!