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2013 Membership Survey Results and DRAFT Strategic Plan

Dear Members,

We have been working hard for the last four months to gather as much input as possible from our members to guide our direction for the future. We’ve devoted so much time to this because we wanted to make sure we learned as much as possible about what our members think and how we can support them better in the future.

Based on this feedback, we have put together a first draft of a new strategic plan, which we believe aligns our role with the needs of our existing and potential members. We’d now like to give you the opportunity to provide more detailed comments on the document, which is attached. If you have time to review the document and provide feedback, please contact me.

We’ve included the survey findings in the Appendices of the draft, and would like to thank everyone who participated for their thoughts and comments. You have all contributed to the rebuilding of cycling in British Columbia.

Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors
info [at]

DRAFT CBC Strategic Plan – 19 Aug 2013