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New Brighton SuperPrestige CX 2013

You know how when you start a blog page, and then a Facebook, and a Twitter, and you forget that the blog page has merit? Yea. So we do that sometimes.
What’s important is that you guys know we’re here. And for those of you that don’t want to check out our Facebook Page, you can still glean all the real important things from here!
September 28th, 2013, New Brighton SuperPrestige CX returns! The 6th Annual NB course will absolutely slay you. Figuratively.
 A Course Map could be super cool as well. How about we put those here:
Parking is as last year, with the tents to be set up along the West Crest above the soccer field.
A note to Youth Riders, U19/U17/U15/U13 – We are splitting starts for you guys, so that you each get results pursuant to your age group. We do, as organizers, reserve the right to run the group together should there be too few to warrant splits. Thanks for understanding; we’re up to our eyeballs in categories.
Also, you don’t get to win beer unless you provide a proper ID.
That goes for Masters racers as well.