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Cycling BC BMX Development Camp with Robert Dewilde


Over the weekend of June 28th to 29th the Cycling BC Development BMX team had the opportunity to learn from one of the sports top athletes.  Recently retired Dutch Olympian Robert De Wilde lead the camps with Provincial Coach Adam Muys and Development Coach James Palmer on hand to help out and learn from Robert.

Saturday we held a camp for the Sprockets (U11).  On Sunday morning was the Rockets (12-14) camp.  In both camps the athletes worked around the track on the different skill sets for BMX.   Robert explained the skills sets and the athletes worked at improving their skills.  Through-out the day as the athletes worked around the track putting their skills to work.


On Sunday following the development camps Team BC had a three hour session on the track.  Most of the time the athletes worked on carving around the turns and passing each other at high speeds.  One of the favorite drills had everyone entering the turn at one time with a few minor obstacles in the way.  The camp ended with some jumping and manualing time.

Its was a great, I had a great time learning to take corners like a pro from one of the best – Hayden Mechielsen, Team BC athlete on learning to take turns with Robert De Wilde.

It was great to have Robert come and lead these camps.  He shared his vast knowledge from his long racing career with the athletes.  I also found myself sitting back and soaking up what was said and the different methods he used for teaching the skills. – Adam Muys


Waow, what an opportunity it was to work on turning techniques with one of the best there’s ever been at racing through turns. Robert’s knowledge base on all areas BMX racing is so high, I tried to soak as much of it in as possible, and I definitely left with a re-amped attitude towards my racing and training techniques. – James Palmer

I felt honored to be invited by Adam to share my BMX knowledge with BC future BMX hopefuls. The riders were all eager to learn and I saw big improvements each day. There is a lot of talent in BC and I expect to see big results from BC riders in the near future. It was a joy working with all the riders and would like to comeback to improve the riders skills even more . –Robert de Wilde-