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RBC announces support for Cycling BC’s iRide Programs

Kitsfest iRide Demo
Kitsfest iRide Demo


On Friday August 8th RBC and RBC Wealth Management announced a new community partnership with Cycling BC and the RBC Granfondo Whistler.  

Cycling BC held a special demonstration of the iRide program during KitsFest held at Kitsilano Beach Park. Stephen Berg, Cycling BC’s Schools & Youth Manager, and coach Scott Laliberte were joined by Chris Oosthuizen, Regional Manager and Director, RBC Wealth Management, and family, showing support for these valuable programs. Also in attendance was Neil McKinnon, Co-Founder, Granfondo Canada to show his support for Cycling BC goals for youth development.


The free iRide program allows school children to practice riding skills, learn the rules of the road, and cultivates an interest in the life-long sport of cycling. Schools and Community Groups can request these free programs in cities and towns across the province.

As a result of this new community partnership with the RBC Granfondo Whistler, and new financial support from RBC and the RBC Foundation, Cycling BC’s iRide program will reach an additional 1,000 kids each year, including new Canadians and low-income families.

Cycling BC is looking for new partners to help support our iRide programs.  Help keep these programs free by sponsoring iRide programs and keep new school age kids on bikes across B.C.!

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