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James Palmer Breaks Tie to Win BMX Canada Cup Title


From Cycling Canada:

(Drummondville, QC – October 05, 2014) The 2014 BMX Canada Cup series came to an end on Sunday in Drummondville, and two categories were decided with tie breaker to determine the series Champions.
James Palmer of North Vancouver, BC (Yess Factory) won the men’s title in a tiebreaker with Mischa Partridge of Duncan, BC (Ridge Meadows BMX), while Eliane McAdam of Calgary, AB (Ssquared Canada) enjoyed a comfortable lead, both winning their first Canada Cup titles.
Palmer rode away with the victory on this last race of the season, scoring 700 points. Palmer had a hard task ahead of him as the day started, in a position where he had to win the race to score the maximum points and hoping that Mischa Partridge would finish the race third or higher. And that exact scenario happened.
Palmer won all three motos of the day and finished first of the race. With only three riders in the category, and with Partridge suffering from injuries suffered in yesterday’s Canadian BMX Championships, Partridge soldiered on and participated in the races. He finished third of the first two rounds, and opted not to start the third round, allowing Palmer to cruise to the victory and the Canada Cup title.
Palmer finished the series with 4700 points, having competed in each of the BMX Canada Cup races this season. Patridge also finished with 4700 points, but Palmer took the title having won the Finals. Tory Nyhaug of Coquitlam, BC (Redline) finished in third place with 2800 points.
In the women’s category, first-year elite rider Eliane McAdam easily won the title with 4780 points, with an impressive 1300-pt lead over two-time Canadian Champion Amelia Walsh of Ayr, ON (Yess Factory) in second place. Rosemary Adams of Surrey, BC (Abbotsford BMX) came in third place.
McAdam entered the elite rank this year, and has established herself as an immediate threat to her opponents. In the Canada Cup series, she won four of the nine races and provided stiff competition to Amelia Walsh at the Canadian Championships. Walsh won four of the five races in which she entered for the second place.
Drew Mechielsen of Langley, BC (Yess Factory) won the junior women title with 3460 points for the season. Erin Kinnie of Burnaby, BC (Team BC) finished second close behind just 200 points of the leader with 3260 points, while Daina Tuchscherer of Chestermere, AB (Factory Pure) took the third place.
In the hotly contested junior men category, Hayden Mechielsen of Langley, BC (Abbotsford BMX) won the series title with 3250 points, jumping from third to first thanks to his victory on this last day of competition. Jared Ennis of Coquitlam, BC (Team BC) finished second, tied with Mechielsen with 3250 points. Similarly to the elite men situation, Mecheilsen broke the tie thanks to his victory at the Finals to win the title. Kiran Kawa (Team Alberta) took third place.
The top seven results were taken in consideration for the Canada Cup final standings for all categories.
Elite Women
1. Eliane McADAM (Ssquared Canada, AB) 4780 pts
2. Amelia WALSH (Yess Factory, ON) 3480 pts
3. Rosemary ADAMS (Abbotsford BMX, AB) 2670 pts
Elite Men
1. James PALMER (Yess Factory, BC) 4700 pts
2. Mischa PARTRIDGE (Ridge Meadows BMX, BC) 4700 pts
3. Tory NYHAUG (Redline, BC) 2800 pts
Junior Women
1. Drew MECHIELSEN (Yess Factory, AB) 3460 pts
2. Erin KINNIE (Team BC, BC) 3260 pts
3. Daina TUCHSCHERER (Factory Pure, AB) 2440 pts
Junior Men
1. Hayden MICHIELSEN (Abbotsford BMX, BC) 3250 pts
2. Jared ENNIS (Team BC, BC) 3250 pts
3. Kiran KAWA (Alberta, AB) 3060 pts
Development Women
1. Cayleigh VAN STAALDUINEN (St Albert BMX, AB) 1460 pts
2. Brianne VANDERKUIP (Alberta BMX Provincial Team, AB) 1060 pts
3. Kelly Ann HEUGHAN (Well Green Tech, AB) 1030 pts
Development Men
1. Deven KAWA (Team Alberta, AB) 1980 pts
2. Alex TOUGAS (Yess/Team BC, BC) 1500 pts
3. Ethan BURGER (TLD Yess Factory, AB) 790 pts