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Athlete Tip: Geoff Kabush

Photo by Amir Shahrestani.
Photo by Amir Shahrestani.


Geoff Kabush has been racing professionally since 1996, racing mountain bike, cyclocross, and sometimes road. As an ambassador for clean sport, he helped develop and launch Cycling Canada’s Race Clean initiative.

Geoff has been on countless National and World Cup podiums, and is a three-time Olympian, most recently finishing in eighth place in the London 2012 mountain bike event. As a four-time Canadian Cyclocross Champion, he offers the following advice heading into the 2014 Championships in Winnipeg:


Homework is done so rest up, travel safe, and stay healthy. At the race, focus on getting comfortable on your bike and don’t waste too much energy riding lap after lap on the course. Until race day, lines change so much–it is not worth too much effort spending time picking lines too early. 

Geoff Kabush