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Kamloops Legacy Performance Games

From Henry Pejril, organizer of the 2016 Kamloops Legacy Performance Games:

The Kamloops Legacy Performance Games was very happy to include downhill mountain biking in its inaugural spring session.  The Legacy Performance Games are intended to provide a multi-sport Games experience to athletes who, either due to age or chosen sport, do not have a an opportunity to attend a traditional Games.  The annual Summer Session of the Games, traditionally held in July, is being expanded with the inclusion of an annual Spring Session.

Downhill Mountain Biking was chosen to be included exclusively for youth aged categories (U15, U17 and U19) in keeping with the theme of the Games and 43 athletes attended, with some coming from as far as Calgary, Alberta.  All four sports that attended this Spring Session (Downhill Mountain Biking, Ball Hockey, Pickle Ball and Ultimate Frisbee) will be used as anchor sports and new sports will be added annually to the Spring Session until the Legacy Performance Games reaches a size that will support opening ceremonies, athlete’s banquets, etc.

The event was sanctioned through Cycling BC and was supported by two senior CBC officials, Gary Lustig and Gary Schlesinger.  As a long time Cycling BC member and supporter, I’m thrilled with the inclusion of Downhill Mountain Biking in the Legacy Performance Games, it’s a great complement to the Road Cycling event which is a part of our Summer Session.