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Prominent Professor of Sports Science at 2018 Coach & Athlete Conference


Professor Louis Passfield is an internationally-recognized applied sports scientist and has worked in cycling for over 25 years. Over this time Louis has been part of several gold medal performances and has worked with many of Britain’s most successful riders and coaches. Louis has also coached Olympic, World Championship and Commonwealth Games cyclists, including the Great Britain team pursuit and England team time-trial teams.  He has also mentored teams that were part of the London Olympics in 2012  & the Rio Olympics in 2016.

A key part of Louis’ work involves using science, including data modelling, to examine how information collected from wearables such as GPS devices, power metres, and other instruments can help optimise an individual’s training and athletic performance.

Louis takes particular interest in mentoring and developing excellence in practitioners, such as coaches, and helping them better understand the implications of the link between science and sports.

Cycling BC is thrilled to have Louis as a speaker at our upcoming Coach & Athlete Conference on January 28, 2018, at the Fortius Sport & Health centre in Burnaby.

Louis was recently featured on a Global Cycling Network (GCN) video where he answered many questions that cyclists have such as,

– Does squatting heavy weights in the gym help to improve maximum power and FTP?
– Why can I produce more power on climbs for the same perceived effort on the flat?
– How long do you need to train at altitude for to get the benefit? And how long does the benefit last for when returning to normal altitude?
– Do you still get marginal gains from leg shaving at altitude?
– After not riding for nearly a year what are the changes in my body and how do I get back to my former self, or even stronger?!
– For overweight riders what’s more beneficial, longer distance over time or short distance and fast paced?
– My maximum heart rate has recently gone up, does that mean I am getting more, or less fit?
– How much does alcohol intake from a previous night affect cycling performance?
– How can I stop cramping?
– How do you know when you’ve done too many intervals? At what stages do you know that you should no longer do intervals for your benefit?

Watch the GCN video below to hear the answers and attend the Cycling BC Coach & Athlete Conference to meet  Professor Louis Passfield in person. Ask your questions and get the answers from the sports physiology expert himself!

Register for the Cycling BC Coach & Athlete Conference by January 14 and receive a complimentary buffet lunch at the conference.