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Update from Cycling BC’s Executive Director

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, Cycling BC, like the rest of the world, is monitoring the rapidly changing situation, heeding the advice of health authorities, and following the lead of our national and world cycling governing bodies.

If you’re like me, your inbox is full of messages from businesses with updates on how folks are addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Each day, I am amazed by the changing landscape and the creativity with which people are facing this challenge.

For our part, Cycling BC has decided to close our office to the public for the next two weeks. Staff are now working remotely or taking some time off while we all do our part to help slow the spread of the virus. For the next two weeks, we can be reached via email and are asking for your patience during this time.

On April 3, 2020, Cycling Canada will review the public health risks and recommend action for events scheduled between May 2 – June 14, 2020. This aligns with the UCI’s review which will also take place on April 3rd.

Once the recommendations of the UCI and Cycling Canada are communicated, Cycling BC will be following their lead and will make decisions that align with these recommendations. While the next review will decide the course for events scheduled for May 2nd – June 14th, we anticipate that the season will be on hold for some months ahead.

I also want to publicly support the decision made over the weekend in support of our athletes putting health and safety over medals. Canada’s leadership in calling for a postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games and the decision to not participate should the games proceed is something to be proud of. As cyclists, we all seek to challenge ourselves in competition with others or through individual pursuits but we must all put our health and safety, and those of others, before our sporting ambitions. To see our athletes take that stance after they have spent a lifetime working towards their Olympic dreams puts into perspective the impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having. I ask that we all keep this in mind as we move forward in the days and weeks to come.

Cycling BC recommends that club gatherings be put on hold and that you align your cycling practices with the health authorities recommendations for social distancing and prioritize safety. We have been assured that the Cycling BC ride accident insurance is in place, although we do urge you to be careful out there.

Your continued support and patience are much appreciated.



Erin Waugh
Executive Director