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Introducing HopOn – at Home Resources

Since 2013, Cycling BC’s iRide program has seen over 56,000 students in schools, field trips, at after-school programs, community events and camps throughout British Columbia.

Inspired by the success of iRide, Cycling BC has been working with our national and provincial partners to expand the iRide program across the nation. We are excited to share Cycling Canada’s HopOn Program, which adopts the basic tenets of Cycling BC’s iRide program and teaches the joy of cycling safely to kids all over Canada.

While the program was planned to launch this spring 2020 and delivered by provinces through both in-school and community programs, the global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put the plan on hold. In the meantime, HopOn resources have been developed so that parents can help their kids continue to build cycling skills and have fun on their bikes at or close to home.

Please click and download the Cycling Canada HopOn “Home Edition” links below for some fun game-based activities and exercises that young kids who are just learning to ride can complete at home.

For more resources to get kids moving and cycling, visit the Cycling Canada HopOn website at