Victoria CRD Hub Coach & Athlete Training Group


Through the Victoria CRD Hub, the cycling community is connected from the grassroots all the way up to the podium. As a hub, the primary objective is to develop and educate athletes and coaches, coordinate grassroots programs, foster community involvement, build gracious champions, and develop accessible events to promote the growth of the sport.

  • Coach Driven, Athlete Centered, Locally Supported
  • Giving athletes every opportunity to develop as a holistic individual and athlete
  • Based on local clubs, athletes, coaches & stakeholders
  • A Positive, Supportive, Collaborative and Cohesive Culture for All

Victoria CRD Hub Training Group and its associated services are designed to complement and enhance the experience that athletes and coaches have with their clubs, teams, or individual coaches.

Progressive Blocks throughout the year for Athletes & Coaches who aspire to make provincial and national teams and represent their club in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Blocks will be based on: Individual athlete needs, Cycling Canada’s LTAD, the seasonality of the sport, events both local & away, & rest periods.

Lead Coach Houshang Amiri will take on the role of Lead Coach this year. He will have assistance from Victoria Club, Cycling BC, Cycling Canada coaches and CSI instructors.


Coach-supported Group Training (rides and camps)

  • Technical/Tactical/Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Camps for specific disciplines, open to multiple groups
  • On and off bike testing and benchmarking based on your 2023 season race calendar and your personal goals.
  • Access to strength and conditioning coaches and a training facility.

Ongoing Athlete & Coach Education and Sport Science

  • Monthly training Knowledge sessions and presentations covering topics such as physiology, psychology, mental skills, nutrition, and more based on the group’s needs. We will also feature guest speakers.

Individualized Program

  • Goal setting and an individual training plan (should you need it).
  • Skill and technical training via group rides and camps in consultation with you and your coach to identify areas you need to train on.
  • Limited personalized coaching and programming are available for riders who do not have a coach.

Regular visits from the Provincial & National Team Coaches.  Program to use multiple local venues and resources: PISE, Velodrome, BMX Track, Jordie Lunn Bike Park, Heartlands and a host of trails and roads in the Victoria Area.

Athletes and coaches will commit based on their current training program both in attendance and work ethic, bringing a collaborative mindset to help not only themselves but other athletes, coaches, and the group.

  • Monthly Endurance-themed Camps
  • Weekly Endurance Rides
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Canadian Sport Institute Educational sessions
    • Mental Performance:Bi-weekly: Guide and steps to learn mental skills and train them. Skills: goal setting, ability to focus under pressure, learn positive self-talk, self-confidence, self-trust, skill and mental training to build, improve mental strength and mental toughness, consistency.
    • Nutrition: healthy eating off the bike, short and long-term Symptoms of RED-S(Relative energy deficiency in sport), understanding the energy demands for different duration and intensities, learning sources of energy, shopping and eating away from home, recovery after hard training or race, energy requirement for vegetarian athletes, supplementation and blood testing.
    • Physiology: signs of under and over-training, effect of heat and altitude and adaptation, reasons for testing and elevations.