Victoria Youth Cycling Experience


The 2nd edition of the Victoria Youth Cycling Experience (VYCE), initially scheduled from August 14-19, 2023, has been put on hold until 2024.

We will be updating this website with more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, read our recap about last year’s camp and start getting hyped for VYCE 2024.


The Victoria Youth Cycling Experience (VYCE) is a collaborative project between Cycling BC, Cycling Canada, and Victoria’s cycling community.

The event will consist of multiple disciplines (road, track, and mountain bike, etc.), development components, networking, and racing for Canada’s young cyclists, ages 10-19, and the coaches who support them. The age range can be flexible as participants will be grouped by ability.

The Victoria Youth Cycling Experience aims to bring together young riders who wish to improve their riding skills, provide them with development & racing opportunities, and connect Canada’s youth cycling communities to one another.

We invite all young cyclists to join us for this unique opportunity to learn, race, and have fun on the west coast.

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The Victoria Youth Cycling Experience will consist of:

  • Aug 14: abilities-based criterium @ local favourite, Windsor Park
  • Aug 15-19: skills & development camp including multiple cycling disciplines: Track, Road, MTB, etc.
  • Accommodations & meals are facilitated by St. Michaels University School (SMUS). (Full Camp Option only)
  • Guest high-performance coaches, riders & speakers
Participants who need financial aid to travel to camp may apply by email.

General Categories:

To help group participants by ability, please use the self-assessment descriptions below. Of course, riders may switch categories throughout the week with the guidance of our coaching staff.

  • A: U19, exceptional U17 riders.
  • B: Most U17s, newer U19s, exceptional U15s.
  • C: Most U15s, newer U17s, exceptional U13s
  • D: Most U13s, newer U15s, exceptional U11s
  • E: Most U11s, newer U13.
Additional Category Information:
  • To ensure a positive experience for all, movement between categories may occur
  • Categories are co-ed, boys and girls, with separate podiums for boys and girls.
  • Pre-session skill assessment includes group riding practice & other necessary skills under a coach’s supervision.
  • Races begin with a neutral start to settle nerves.
  • Category D and E races include Ride-Along coach supervision.

Camp Schedule (subject to change):

Coming Soon!

Participants who wish to attend only a few days of the camp or participate while staying at home can register using the pro-rated Day Camp option.

Travel grant applications are incorporated into the registration process.


For more information or if you have any questions about the event, please email