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A day at Alexander Robinson Elementary….

Cycling BC had the opportunity to do another presentation at a great school, Alexander Robinson Elementary.  Zach Garland and Jeff Ain were the guest speakers at this presentation in front of roughly 500 youth.  All of the youth were super excited especially when both Zach and Jeff brought out some of their cool gear including jerseys and shoes to pass around. The youth may have taken a sniff test or two also creating laughter around the assembly.
There were loads of questions from the longest distance you have ridden your bike to the coolest country you have ever been to. When asked if they would take up Cycling and which discipline, there was an extreme enthusiasm for Road and Bmx.
Cycling BC left the school with the youth excited and the PE teacher eager to take on a program for her students at their school.
Another successful presentation and another bunch of youth that are now excited about the opportunity to “Learn to Ride”!