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Killarney School Cycling Program – Day 1

Killarney’s Cycling Club is off to a great start. We had 8 kids show up, the sun came out in the afternoon and everyone was keen and ready to ride!  It started off with an introduction of Tim and Conan sharing there experiences riding and racing bikes, who Cycling BC is, and why they love riding so much.  Conan then went over properly fitting a helmet, making sure the straps are snug and that the helmet sits securely on their heads.

We all went through everyone’s bikes performing a few minor mechanical fixes.  Once everyone’s bikes were tuned and fit, they set up a small skills course. The goal was to practice riding slow and smooth through the narrow and twisty course, and not hit any cones!

At first a few riders only wanted to go fast, grinning as they zoomed through the slalom course hitting half the cones along the way.  After some practice and explanation of the drill, everyone was riding with impressive balance and control through the tight and tricky course.  They ended the day with a brief overview of the day, and a bit of brainstorming and suggestions for the following weeks sessions. Everyone is keen to get more riding in, so they will set up a larger course out on the fields to test new skills as well as fitness for next time.