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Collingwood Middle & Senior School – Amazing School and Amazing Energy

This week, Cycling BC had the pleasure of taking over the PE classes for Collingwood Middle & Senior School. Boris Martin, Jeff Ain and Brianna Waldman made 6 presentations to grades Grade 7-10 throughout the day. Over the course of the day, they presented to roughly 240 students.

The presentations were kick started with a short video that got many of the youth up dancing and signing along with the music.  Boris Martin captured the classes with is amazing stories of his riding career. He had every question asked to him from “How fast do you go on your bike?”, to “Were you in any crashes?”. The best one that came up a lot was  “How do you go to the bathroom while you are riding?” –  Such great energy from the students at the school!  Boris also brought his Cycling BC Provincial Jersey and his Canadian National Jersey’s to share with the students. Having a tangible item they could feel helped make it more real for everyone.

The presentations ended with Jeff Ain, our Junior Provincial Track Coach speaking. He had so many questions about the Velodrome showing us that there is a ton of interest except the youth just need to hear about it. We have already started receiving emails from interested youth and some teachers at the school are planning trips to the Velodrome along with a Spring Cycling program.  Amazing School, Amazing Energy, and a Great Time! Go Collingwood!