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Phoenix Velo Launches 2015 Youth Group

The Phoenix Velo Training Group has launched their 2015 Youth Group, aimed at introducing Youths aged 9-18 to the sport of Bicycle Road Racing in a controlled and structured environment. This is the second year that for the dedicated Youth program.

Phoenix Velo Youth operates 4 Training Groups based on the guidelines provided by Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L). Further information can be found at

The Phoenix Velo Youth Group will meet once per week, at the Container at the Mission Raceway. Sessions begin Wednesday 15th April 2015.  New riders will automatically be placed in a group based on their age, as follows:

Group 1: CS4L Stage 3: 5:15PM to 6:30PM: Learn to Train (girls 9-11, boys 9-12)

Group 2: CS4L Stage 4: 5:15PM to 6:45PM: Train to Train (girls 11-15, boys 12-16)

Group 3: CS4L Stage 5: 6:00PM to 8:00PM: Train to Compete (girls 15-21, boys 16-23)

Group 4: CS4L Stage 7: 5:30PM to 7:00PM: Active for Life (14+)

The club has a limited supply of loan bicycles which are intended to allow new riders to try the sport before committing to the purchase of their own bike. Riders wishing to use Club bicycles must arrive at 5:15PM, please note that:

    1. Bikes will be allocated from 5:15PM to 5:30PM only; No Bikes will be allocated once the session starts
    2. Bikes will be allocated by the club on a week by week basis; There is no reserving of bikes
    3. Due to the availability of bikes, on some occasions riders may be expected to share a bike
    4. Preference will be given to new riders who have not previously used a loan bike
    5. The club does not guarantee the availability of bikes
    6. Bikes may not leave the Raceway unless taking part in an approved Club Event


The Phoenix Velo Youth Group is open to riders aged 9 to 19. Exceptionally, the club may accept younger riders with prior experience of riding or whose parents will be supporting the sessions.

The membership fee is $100 which includes;

  • Membership to Phoenix Velo Youth Group
  • Membership to Cycling BC which includes individual insurance
  • A Phoenix Velo Cycling Jersey
  • Access to other Phoenix Velo Training Group Activities subject to approval of the Head Coach. Riders will be required to complete the Membership Application and Waiver.


For more information on the Phoenix Velo Youth Group, click here, or visit the Phoenix Velo site.