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iRide @ SORCE Kid’s Race

On Sunday September 13th, the Surrey Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts ran their annual Kid’s Fun Race Day. iRide coordinator Ben Chaddock joined the festivities and donated the small stunts created in part for the Whistler Gran Fondo iRide event.

There was a great mix of striders, riders and rippers! Most of the students previewed the 2 km course during warmup but the smaller striders and riders stayed close the start/finish area to play on the small wooden stunts. It was a blast.

My favourite moment was the beginning of the race. I stayed next to the tallest stunt, to aid any students having trouble with the obstacle. When the horn sounded they came at me like a pack of wildebeest, whizzing by on both sides! They were flying!

After the race, students remarked:

My favourite part was the big drop after corner one. It was scary. The hill at the end of the lap was hard–my legs are tired.

Learn more about SORCE and South Surrey cycling opportunities for your child at SORCE’s facebook page or contact iRide to bring our In-School program to your area.