BMX Premier Series 2017


Feb. 18 & 19 Premier Series Races 1 & 2 Abbotsford BMX
May 27 & 28 Premier Series Races 3 & 4 Action BMX
June 18 Premier Series Race 5 Ridge Meadows BMX
Sept. 16 & 17 Premier Series Race 6 & 7 (Finals) Abbotsford BMX

BC Premier BMX Series Race #3 & 4 will be run in conjunction with the Canada Cup races at Action BMX.

The Canada Cup series is a national series that features Elite & Junior riders along with Junior Development riders (14-16 years old). Championship class registration may be higher for Canada Cup & UCI events


CLICK HERE for online registration. You may also register at the track, prior to the event.

Series Standings

About the series

BC BMX Premier Series is the next level of racing where racers compete for a BC Premier Series ranking. Athletes must race a minimum number of 4 BC Premier events, as well as the series finals, to qualify for a BMX Premier Series ranking, year-end number prizing, and overall awards.


Registration for entire series (includes BC Premier Series Finals) will be available online for all events.



Online Registration*

On-site Registration

$30 $35
$30 $35
Family Cap
$90 for 3 entries and $10 for additional entries. Available during onsite registration only.

* Online registration closes the Wednesday before the event at 11:59pm.

**Championship class registration may be higher for Canada Cup & UCI events.




Male / Female (Novice)
Female Cruiser
Junior/Elite Junior/Elite
U5 U5 U5 U12 U12
6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 13-16 13-16
8-9 8-9 8-9 8-9 17-29 17-29
10-11 10-11 10-11 10-11 30-40 30-40
12-13 12-13 12-13 12-13 40+ 40+
14-16 14-16 Jr Devo 14-16 Jr Devo 14-16
17-29 17-29 17-29 17-29
30+ 30+ 30+ 30+


A class is made up of 3 or more riders. When there isn’t a sufficient number of riders to complete a class, one or more classes will be combined.

Class Combinations

In cases where one or more classes are combined due to low number of registered riders, points are allocated to each rider based on how they would place in their regular class. However, the “Award of the day” will be awarded based on the outcome of the combined class onthat particular day, not based on how the rider would have placed in their regular class.

For Example: Two Novice riders are grouped together with three Expert riders. The points will be awarded to first and second place for the Novice riders in their class, and to first, second and third place to the Expert riders in their class. The award of the day will be given based on the order of finish for that day.





Expert & Teams

Junior / Elite


100 200 300 700 300
80 180 280 680 280
60 160 260 660 260
50 150 250 650 250
40 140 240 640 240
30 130 230 630 230
20 120 220 620 220
10 110 210 610 210
5 50 150 550 150

NOTE: Series finals = double points

Premier Series Placing

The rider with the most points in their category will be awarded the title of BC BMX Premier Series Champion. The rider must complete 4 of the 6 races,  plus the BC Premier Series Finals to qualify for an overall standing.

In the event of a tie between two or more riders, the rider who places the highest at finals will be awarded BC BMX Premier Series Champion.

Race Payout

Junior/Elite: Rider purse plus 100% registration payback. All registration paybacks are paid out at the pre-registration rate. Minimum prize purse $250. Each track may increase the prize purse at their own discretion.

Pay Schedule

# of Riders in Class or Main
35% 35% 35% 42% 45% 50%
22% 22% 23% 24% 25% 30%
12% 13% 15% 15% 18% 20%
9% 9% 10% 10% 12%  
7% 8% 9% 9%    
6% 7% 8%      
5% 6%        

Awards of the Day

All Amateur Classes will receive an “Award of the day”. This will be a choice between a trophy and moto money.

Wins count as 1 win.

Year-End Prizing & Awards

Top four of six races and finals count towards year-end number plates and overall awards. Riders must race a minimum of four races and the finals to be eligible to earn year end prizing and awards.


Year-end prizing is awarded to top eight riders in each class.

Age Group Awards

One award to the rider with the highest points in each age group.

Overall Awards

Overall awards will be given to the riders with the highest points total, from all races participated in, in the following categories:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Female Cruiser
  • Male Cruiser

Club Team Competition

Club teams will be made up of athletes from a BMX track. It will be the responsibility of the club coach or representative to enter the team sheets.

Rules for Team competition:

  1. Each BMX Club can submit up to 3 team sheets, with only the best result counting. Open to all BMX clubs in BC.
  2. Each team sheet must have 2 of 3: 1 female or 1 Cruiser or 1 Novice
  3. Entry fee: $10
  4. Expert points will be awards to teams for year-end
  5. Awards: To be determined by host club
  6. Scoring: Athletes receive points as they finish in motos and final finish, the lowest 4 of 5 athletes count to the team score. The lowest team score wins.
  7. If an athlete is racing in two classes they can be entered on a team sheet twice
  8. If an athlete races in a class combined with a higher proficiency, they will be scored with team points from the table of the higher proficiency.
  9. Team sheet entries must be turned in between the riders’ list being posted and before motos are posted.
  10. Team sheets must be turned in no later than 15 minutes following the event.
  11. Winners of Saturday’s competition will participate in Sunday’s flag lap.

Protests & Appeals

Race Results

Protests concerning the results of any first-round moto will be accepted for a period of 15 minutes following the results from that moto being posted. In any case, no protests will be accepted once the motos for any main or semi-main in that class have been posted. The results from any main or semi-main can only be appealed within 15 minutes of the main or semi-main being run. Once the Chief Commissaire has declared the results of any BMX event as final, no changes to those results will be made. It is the responsibility of participants or their parent/guardian to examine posted race results for accuracy.

Series Points

Protests or appeals concerning series points will be accepted until seven days prior to the series final. If an error has been made in the tabulation of points, it will be corrected. No changes to series points will be made for appeals concerning the results of individual races.

Final Series Standings

Appeals to the final series standings for series points will be accepted for a period of 15 days after the series final. If an error has been made in the tabulation of points, it will be corrected. No changes to series points will be made for appeals concerning the results of individual races. In the event that changes to the results of either series are made during this 15 day period, those affected by such changes are required to exchange any awarded plates or trophies as defined by the changes made to the series results.