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A Closer Look at BMX Training Camp

The provincial BMX teams were at Ridge Meadows BMX this past weekend, August 11, for their latest training camp. Both the Development and the High Performance teams were in attendance, polishing up their skills for their upcoming team projects.

Led by assistant coach Jared Ennis and head coach Mischa Partridge, the Development team had a morning packed with skills training on the bike.  “With this group we are always looking to improve our skill level, but at this point in the season it is important for the riders to be able to transfer those skills into race situations,” explained coach Partridge. It was evident this was the focus of the day, as the athletes worked a lot in groups, and practiced jumping and manualing at full speed.

The High Performance team took the track in the afternoon and were joined by National Team member Alex Tougas. With a wide range of ability in this group the riders really work together and push one another to improve. The team focused a lot on their jumping technique, as it is so important for athletes racing in Junior Devolopment, Junior, and especially in Elite classes. In the second half of the session the team worked on gate starts with some video analysis to help perfect their technique.



Riders on the High Performance team will receive support to compete in St. Albert, Alberta in two weeks time where they will line up for the final two Canada Cup races of the season. The Development group will be heading to Vernon, BC in September for their year-end team project.


Photos and words provided by coach Mischa Partridge