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Performance, Injury Prevention, and Connections are Key Components of the 2020 Performance Summit

The 2020 Performance Summit presented by Cycling BC, BC Athletics, and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific is designed to educate and empower athletes, along with parents and coaches, with strategies to improve sport performance and the overall sports experience.

Bringing together experts in sports psychology, human performance, nutrition, strength & conditioning, physical therapy, and injury prevention, the Performance Summit will be a full day of concurrent sessions that are targeted for athletes, coaches, and parents. Lunch will be provided to participants registered for the full day.

Conference Group Photo
2018 Cycling BC Coach & Athlete Conference at Fortius – Photo by TLBVelo Photography


“Cycling BC is very excited to be working with BC Athletics and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific to deliver the Performance Summit in 2020,” said Ben Chaddock, Cycling BC’s iRide Manager and NCCP Liason. “The collaboration with the other sporting bodies keeps things interesting and, naturally, our athletes share a common interest in the topics that are being presented such as nutrition and injury prevention, among other things.”

2019 High Performance Summit Athlete Panel – Photo by TLBVelo Photography


The Performance Summit will also include an interactive panel discussion featuring athlete representatives from both Cycling BC and BC Athletics. If previous year’s panels are any indication, the session is bound to incite tremendous inspiration as athletes share their stories of hardships and triumphs that they have experienced throughout their careers.

One of the speakers new to the Summit this year is Mike Shaw, a national-level Freestyle ski coach and co-founder of HeadStartPro, a coach and athlete education service provider that delivers online courses and in-person training for performance and injury prevention. The title of Mike’s presentation is called Performance-Driven Injury Prevention.


“Performance and injury-prevention rarely get talked about in the same sentence. However, enhancing focus, awareness, and mindfulness directly impacts performance and reduces injuries, but how do we connect the dots?” said Shaw.

Shaw will connect the dots at the Performance Summit and he is also offering a 25% discount on all HeadStartPro Coach and Athlete online courses to those attending. A discount code will be sent out to all those who register.


The benefits of attending the 2020 Performance Summit extend beyond the classroom. Sure, athletes and coaches will learn a lot about their special interest topics but they also get an opportunity to make connections with other like-minded athletes and coaches from all over the province. The collaboration with BC Athletics and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific makes this networking opportunity even more expansive than in previous years.

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