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NCCP: BMX Skills


Apr. 10, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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BMX Skills (included in 2022 Spring Cohort)

This module is officially titled: NCCP Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition Skills & Tactics Practical: BMX in the Coaches Association of Canada LOCKER system.

This outdoor club skills module helps you practice teaching intermediate BMX cycling skills and tactics for┬áparticipants in the “Learn to Train” and “Train to Train” stages of the Long Term Development.

The module builds on the concepts covered in the theory modules and takes place at a local BMX track. To pass the module, participants must prepare two lesson plans (one skill and one tactic) and be ready to teach them to the group. This activity is included in questions 52b and 52c of the Club Coach Journal.

Basic Requirements:

Sunday ‘Learn to Race’ BMX Skills:
  • Gate Start (Stance, Snap)
  • Cornering (Body Position, Lines & Passing)
  • Pumping (Movement, Timing)
  • Jumping (Squish down & Push off)
  • Manualling (Lean Back, Kick Down)