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School of Hard Knox Cyclocross (BCICX)


Oct. 28, 2023

Event Information

Cyclocross returns to Kelowna for 2023! More info and rider guidelines available at www.bcinteriorcross.ca.

European road cyclists in the early 1900s used to race each other to the next town over through farmers’ fields, over dirt roads, ditches, hedges, probably livestock… Forced portage sections helped exercise other muscle groups and improved circulation in the cold off-season months.

Cyclocross is now the second most popular road cycling discipline, sweeping across Europe and now North America. Modern cyclocross races consist of many laps of a several-kilometer course featuring everything from pavement to trails to ankle-deep (and sometimes deeper) mud, with steep hills, staircases and barriers requiring riders to dismount, carry the bike over, around or through the obstacle, and remount to continue riding.

Founded by Catharine Pendrel in 2010, BC Interior Cyclocross brings races to some of BC’s most beautiful cities and towns. We’re grassroots, fun‑focused, and don’t take ourselves too seriously, though we encourage our racers to give their all!

Registration Options & Pricing: https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/school-of-hard-knox-cx-2023-bcicx


For more information, go to event website at: https://bcinteriorcross.ca/