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The North 400


Aug. 5, 2016

Event Cost

Event Information

Cycle 376 kilometres in 24 hours,
from Jasper to Prince George.
Challenge yourself to help kids

Forms for Participants:

Need To Know More? – The North 400 brochure.
Sign Up Now! – The North 400 registration form.
Donate to the Cause! – The donations form.

For Info Contact: David 250-614-7223 or Erin 250-614-6917

Any motivated cyclist can join! Are you prepared for the challenge?

Option 1: Individual registration: $200 with the minimum required fundraising of $500.

Option 2: Team of two registration: $200 per rider with the minimum required fundraising of $750 combined.

Option 3: ‘Shuttle Rider’ registration (from PG on the Friday): $100 registration and minimum required fundraising of $250.

Individual and Team of Two registration fee covers the keepsake jersey, transportation by ViaRail, shared accommodation in Jasper, administration costs (liability and permitting), provided quality, energy snacks along the route on the ride day (all other expenses are the rider’s responsibility).

On Thursday August 4th, cyclists will travel ViaRail for a leisurely ride to Jasper. Once in Jasper, participants have shared accommodation. At 3:00am, all participants will meet for an energy-filled oatmeal breakfast and ride will commence at 3:30am! The participants will ride in peloton style for the entire distance, book-ended by a lead and a tail vehicle for safety and traffic control. If there are any mechanical issues on the road, the entire team will stop. The peloton will make a stop approximately every hour to manage energy/water intake and outflow. There will be three scheduled meal stops planned for a more substantial energy intake. There will be high energy snacks and fruit at every stop; however, each rider should take responsibility for themselves if they have specific, high-end energy products that they are partial to.

All riders are required to ride within the peloton at all times. If the ride leads have concerns for a rider’s safety or the peloton’s safety due to a rider’s fatigue or riding style, they have the right to ask the rider to take a break in the van. It is important that all individuals train to the target 25-26kph average as indicated on the registration form so that fitness level and endurance is adequate to go the distance safely with the group.

A welcome event will be planned in Prince George for approximately 10:30pm at City Hall to receive the group after accomplishing such a great distance!

Check out the Tour de North fundraiser page.

Mandatory rules around your bike/equipment:

  1. No tri-bars
  2. No pannier
  3. Front and back lights required. A commuter light on the front and a red blinky on the back.
  4. Bike in good mechanical condition:
    • Brake pads in good condition
    • Tires relatively new and inflated to the right pressure
    • Drive train working well with no gear skipping or chain problems
    • Head set tight
  5. Fenders may be suggested if it looks like it will rain on ride day so have yours labeled with your name and ready to go.
    • Fenders must have flaps that extend past the level of the wheel axle. Ensure your fenders are fitted for your bike and you have put them on successfully a few times so you aren’t using someone else’s valuable time for your fenders!

Suggested Clothes/Equipment List for Day Of

Three things that could prevent us from reaching our goal: Fatigue, Cold & Hunger! We cannot allow ourselves to get Cold, Tired, or Hungry.For clothes, remember that it could be cold, hot, wet, windy. Bring lots as your bag will be looked after with the support vehicles and available at all stops.

  1. Extra Socks, Thick & Thin
  2. Extra Shoes if you have them
  3. Sun screen Lip & nose balm
  4. Arm warmers x 2 (thick & thin)
  5. Leg warmers x 2 (thick & thin)
  6. Knee warmers
  7. Jersey’s x 3 if you have them (you will receive one North400 jersey)
  8. Base layer thermal & light weight
  9. Vest x 2 thick & thin
  10. Jacket x 2 thick & thin
  11. Gloves x 3 half finger, full finger & wind stopper (thermal)
  12. Cycling Cap or beanie for under your lid
  13. Bibs or shorts x 3
  14. Tights Thermal (I hope we don’t need them)
  15. Shoe covers or booties for rain, snow, and wind.
  16. Front and rear light (mandatory)
  17. Skin Lube, Chamois cream, Bag balm, anti friction lube
  18. 1 large towel
  19. Appropriate eye wear for bright and dull light
  20. Fenders, front and rear with flaps if the forecast calls for rain