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iRide Sprockids Develops Leaders

Cycling BC’s iRide Sprockids after-school programs are designed to engage youth to develop cycling skills in a safe and fun environment while gaining self-confidence, building community, and creating a path towards a healthy active lifestyle. The program teaches cycling skills through drills, games, and fun activities that are led by teachers who get as much out of the program as the students who are in it.

We recently received this letter from one of our teen leaders about their experience leading an iRide Sprockids program in their community,

“The iRide/Sprockids program is an amazing experience that I will continue to do. The program is very educational for both the leaders and the students. When I did the leader course in February I learned so much valuable information on how to be a proper coach. I have now enrolled in the iRide Leadership camp in August since I love coaching so much.
I have done this program twice and both times all the kids have improved in some way. Some kids have lots of experience and they still learn new skills and meet new people. Kids who have little to no experience improve so much it’s amazing to watch their progression. Kids who were scared to go down a hill progressed to being able to go down a hill without worrying about crashing. 
I personally never did sports; the only time I would do something athletic would be at P.E. class in school. I didn’t even know how to ride a bike until I was 7. I never had someone there to play sports with or do other activities. Looking back, I wish I had someone teach me how to ride a bike and so on. So when I see kids who are 8-9 and their riding is just as good as mine was 2 years ago, I am very impressed. Imagine what these kids can do if they continue with cycling as either a hobby or a lifestyle.
I plan on continuing to coach for the years to come; it’s just so much fun.” 
Chris Kendrick, Mission iRide Sprockids Leader.

For anyone who may be interested in developing their leadership skills and running their own extra-curricular iRide program in your community this autumn 2018, Cycling BC has partnered with Simon Fraser University Camps to deliver an iRide Leadership Camp this August 27-31, 2018.

The camp will offer participants the opportunity to become a fully-trained NCCP Community Coach, just in time for the autumn 2018 after-school programs that will be needing leaders to run them.