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Penticton Para-Cycling Camp


Dear Athletes and Parents

Here is the Paper Registration Form for the Penticton Camp….

Penticton 2014

Please be sure to either return this form with a Check.

The rates for the Camp are:

·         $1050 for all youth and para athletes attending the full camp with meals and charter bus transportation (please note that we received a donation to help with the cost of the charter bus this year so there is no reduction in fees for athletes who get to Penticton on their own)

·         $650 for all youth and para athletes who are attending ½ the camp (4 nights’ accommodation, if you would like to stay longer please contact me and we can discuss the change to your fees individually)

·         Parent Volunteers who want to participate in the meal plan please complete the form and make the $225 payment (if you’re not going to take advantage of the meal plan please complete the form as I’ll need your details for our files anyway)

Camp registration will close on March 14th so please be sure you submit your paperwork or complete the Zone 4 online registration system before that date. We are going to have a meeting on March 13th at 7:00 PM here at the Olympic Oval for all parents and riders who are attending the camp.

Camp Details:

·         Please pack your road bike into a Bike Box so it will travel safely in the bottom of the bus or in a trailer (if you’re a volunteer you can take your bikes if your drive your own car)

·         Please ensure your bike is in good working order before arriving in Penticton.  Please check the tires, brake pads, handle bar tape, drive chain etc…

·         Please let me know who you want to room with…I’ll confirm the rooming list on Thursday March 13th at the meeting.

·         We will have 3 or 4 groups this year; they are based on skill and fitness…and over the course of the week riders can move up and down according to how well your riding, your motivation and the #’s in each group (coaches will discuss groups .

·         If you have allergies, food sensitivity issues or other medical concerns that we need to know about please let me know in advance of the camp.

·         The Camp includes an evening of bowling, a movie and a night at the pool (slides and diving platforms).

·         We will also run info sessions on topics like bike maintenance, ABA provincial team program (Phil), yearly training plan implementation (Nick)….

·         More details regarding the day to day plan for the camp will be discussed on Thursday March 13th.  For now here is a sample of the week;

o   Friday March 21 Travel Day

o   Saturday March 22 Individual Time Trial….evening Bowling

o   Sunday March 23 Skills and Group Rides….evening presentation

o   Monday March 24 Group Rides….Pool Games/Activities

o   Tuesday March 25Rest Day with a Skills and Short Ride…..evening presentation

o   Wednesday March 26 Team Time Trial….Movie Night

o   Thursday March 27 Giants Head Climb….evening presentation

o   Friday March 28 Epic Ride day….awards night with prizes

o   Saturday March 29 Travel Day

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me to discuss the camp directly…

Stephen Burke