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Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Cycling Championships 2018 Results

The Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Cycling Champions were crowned this past weekend, June 1-3, in Victoria, BC as the 2018 Robert W. Cameron Law Cycling Series welcomed more than 500 cyclists for three full days of racing. The championships kicked off with the Time Trial Championships on Friday, the Road Race on Saturday, and concluded with the Criterium on Sunday, in addition to a race for kids aged 3 – 10 and a Fixed Gear Criterium race for a fun-filled weekend of racing.


In the Time Trial, Victoria’s Heather Simonson (Triple Shot Cycling Club) won the women’s 50-plus Canadian Masters title giving her back-to-back victories after winning the BC Provincial Time Trial title one week earlier. On the men’s side, Calgary’s Andrew Davidson (The Lead Out Project) claimed the Men’s 30-39 title with the fastest Championships’ time of 27:54:75.  Davidson is currently training for Canada’s tandem para-cycling team where he will join Paralympian Lowell Taylor at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Time Trial Results (Top Three)

Mens 30-39

  1. Andrew Davidson, The Lead Out Project 0:27:54
  2. Cory Jay, Craftsman Construction 0:29:11:24
  3. Jeffrey Werner, Langlois Brown Racing 0:29:36:17

Mens 40-49

  1. Stephen Hunt, Independent 0:29:26:54
  2. Ian Auld, Soul Sportif 0:29:36:70
  3. David Gerth, Langlois Brown Racing 0:30:10:95

Mens 50-59

  1. Ron Amos, Hammer/53×11 0:29:50:60
  2. Ian Scott, Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision 0:29:53:32
  3. Mick Bryson, Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club 0:30:40:10

Mens 60+

  1. Robert Anderson, Cal-Nat’s Racing Team 0:32:22:06
  2. Willem Vandenberg, Whistler Cycling Club 0:32:31:47
  3. Andrew Neale, Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club 0:33:38:95

Womens 30-39

  1. Jennifer Bell, Independent 35:55:00
  2. Amy L Jackson, Thunder Bay Cycling Club, 0:40:36:85
  3. Nancy St-Hilaire, Edmonton Road & Track Club 0:41:33:70

Womens 40-49

  1. Lorie Cochrane, Faction Smile Tiger p/b WCC 0:34:11:78
  2. Richele Frank, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta 0:34:34:17
  3. Deanna Thomson, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta 0:34:44.75

Womens 50+

  1. Heather Simonson, Tripleshot Cycling Club 0:34:08:09
  2. Gail Wozny, Juventus Cycling Club 0:35:18:96
  3. Elka Strohschein, Juventus Cycling Club 0:36:33.68

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The Road Race Championships’ gruelling course with its unrelenting and unyielding hills made the race strategy favour outlasting, rather than outracing the others.

Carolyn Russell, racing for Vancouver’s Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta, won the 40-49 Women’s Masters, working with team mate Richele Frank, to get the win. “It’s a real technical course,” said Russell, who also took the 2017 Global Relay Canadian Masters Cycling Championship title in Vancouver. “We tried to stay at the start of the pack and just tire people out. Riders just started dropping out.”

Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club’s Andrew Neale claimed the 60+ Men’s title. He fed off Robert Anderson throughout the race then broke off at the end to take the win. Neale just started racing last year – picking up fifth in the nationals last year and winning last weekend’s 2018 BC Time Trial title. Testament to the culture of the sport that you can excel at any age at any time.

Motus Design Classic / Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championsips Results (Top Three)

Women’s 30-39 70-K

  1. Ann-Julie DUDEMAINE, Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 2:28:46
  2. Kendra FERGUSSON, Watt Riot Cycling 2:29:40
  3. Lianne LEBLOND, Gastown Cycling Association 2:32:56

Women’s 40-49 70-K

  1. Carolyn RUSSELL, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta 2:26:40
  2. Richele FRANK, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta 2:33:10
  3. Haley BLOCK, Cycledelia 2:42:38

Women’s 50+ 70-K

  1. Dawn HEINEMEYER, Calgary Crankmasters Cycling Club 2:37:36
  2. Lorrie BAILDHAM, MIVA 2:37:38
  3. Elka STROSCHEIN, Juventus Cycling Club, 2:37:40

Men’s 30-39

  1. Jamie SPARLING, Tantalus Bikes P/B Toby Fanny Pack Racing, 2:57:05
  2. Andrew DAVIDSON, The LEAD OUT PROJECT 2:57:57
  3. Richard COSTELLO, Steed Cycles 2:57:57

Mens 40-49 110-K

  1. Dominic CHALIFOUX, Trek-GPL 3:00:51
  2. Jon BULA, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta s/t
  3. Steve McKEE, Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision s/t

Men’s 50-59

  1. Chris WORSFOLD, Hewdog Racing, 2:36:32
  2. Mark SHERMAN Langlois Brown Racing s/t
  3. Steve BACHOP, Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club s/t

Mens 60+

  1. Andrew NEALE, Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club, 2:15:27
  2. Robert ANDERSON, CAL-NAT’s Racing Team 2:16:31
  3. Horacio CHAVES, Independent 2:20:42


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In the Criterium, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta’s Carolyn Russell picked up her second in as many days, 40-49 women’s national titles. Edmonton’s Shauna Telford took the 30-39 women’s title, agreeing that it indeed was a tough one. “It was a very tactical race and I worked with Gail (Wozny) throughout the race.” Wozny, also from Edmonton, won the 50+ women’s title.

In the 60+ Men’s race, Lantzville’s Chris Cameron’s strategy was to hang on to a fast pace and make his move. It worked and gave him the win. “I stayed with Andrew (Neale) for the early attacks as he is stronger. But he helped set me up for the finishing sprint.”


Criterium Results (Top Three):

Master Women 30-39 (40 min +5 laps)

  1. Shauna Telford, Edmonton Road & Track, 54:58:00
  2. Anne-Julie Dudemaine, Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 54:58.0
  3. Janelle Bellerive, Independent 55:02.9

Master Women 40-49

  1. Carolyn Russell, Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta, 54:58.0
  2. Shannon Baerg, Island Racing p/b Robert Cameron Law, 54:58.0

Master Women 50+

  1. Gail Wozny, Juventus Cycling Club, 54:58.0
  2. Heather Simonson, Independent, 54:58.0
  3. Anna Bonga, Independendent, 54:58.0

Master Men 60+

  1. Chris Cameron, Mid-Island Velo Association, 37:38
  2. Horacio Chaves, Independent, 37:38
  3. Andrew Neale, Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club, 37:39

Master Men 50-59 (40 min + 5 laps)

  1. Daniel Therer, Trek-GPL, 47:41
  2. Uli Mayer, Glotman Simpson Cycling, 47:41
  3. Maurice Worfold, Hewdog Racing, 47:41

Master Men 40-49 (50 min+ 5 laps)

  1. Vincent Marcotte, Langlois Brown Racing, 58:17
  2. Dan Wood, Independent, 58:18
  3. Craig Holden, Glotman Simpson Cycling, 58:19

Master Men 30-39 (50 min + 3 laps)

  1. Cory Jay, Craftsman Construction, 52:54
  2. Nicholas Rowe, Victoria Breakaway Cycling, 52:54
  3. Jeff Sparling, Toby Fanny Pack Racing 52:56

Youth B Race (Boys and Girls, U11, U13, Newer U15) 15 min + 5 laps

  1. Luke Bayard, Mark Bayard, 26:20
  2. Liam Worsfold, Nicole Worsfold, 24:00
  3. Kimberley Chen, Tripleshot Cycling Youth Team, 24:00

Youth A Race (Boys and Girls, Strong U15, U17, U19) 20 mins + 5 laps

  1. Alen Fazlagic, Tripleshot Cycling Youth Team, 26:38
  2. Connor Bosenberg, Tripleshot Cycling Youth Team, 26:48
  3. Griffen Hart, Tripleshot Cycling Youth Team, 27:22

Cat 4 Men 25 min + 5 laps

  1. Kieran Wild, Victoria Wheelers, 33:47
  2. Ryley Rohan, Victoria Wheelers, 33:47
  3. Nicolas Parlee, Riverway Dental Racing, 33:50

Cat 3 Men 30 min = 5 laps

  1. Anthony Ferrari, Hewdog Racing, 30:48
  2. Evan Russell, TaG Cycling, 30:48
  3. Kevin Park, Riverway Dental Racing, 30:48

Cat 1-3 Women 35 min + 5 laps

  1. Megan Rathwell, Broad St Cycles, 42:42
  2. Callie Swan, Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic, 42:42
  3. Janna Gillick, Glotman Simpson Cycling, 42:42

Cat 1-2 Men

  1. Alexander Murison, Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic, 52:47
  2. Alexander Amiri, Independent, 52:48
  3. Amiel Flett-Brown, Glotman Simpson Cycling, 52:48

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The 2018 Robert W. Cameron Law Cycling Series include:

  • EnergyLab Dallas Road Time Trial, Friday, June 1 (4 pm to 9 p.m.) Dallas Road / Beach Drive
  • Motus Design Cycling Classic/ Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Cycling Championship, Saturday, June 2 (starting at 7:30 a.m. to about approximately 2 p.m.) at Liberty Road in Metchosin
  • Russ Hay’s Grand Prix / Global Relay Canadian Masters Criterium Cycling Championship – Sunday, June 3 (starting at 8 a.m. with Masters championships, youth and category races through the day; the women’s elite race at 3:45 p.m. and the men’s elite, starting at 4:45 pm)
  • Tim Hortons Timbits Challenge – June 3, (starting at 12:30 p.m. at the Legislature Buildings, free event for kids aged 3- 10)
  • Broad Street Cycle Fixed Gear Criterium – June 3, fixed gear race starting at 6.p.m.


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