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iRide Field Trip at TaG Cycling

CyclingBC’s iRide Schools and Community Program continued last week with a TaG Cycling visit for grade 7 students of Braemer Elementary. Older and therefore stronger than our previous grades, cycling coaches Lesley Tomlinson and Rachel Canning said that they were some impressive performances.

The class was split into 2 groups as usual and 2-time World Championship bronze medalist Micayla Gatto joined Canadian Criterium champion Ben Chaddock on agility class duties. With Micayla’s diverse background in BMX, track and DH mountain biking, the class enjoyed a batch of new exercises that were also new to Ben.

iRide coach and coordinator Ben Chaddock also sat down with Global News this past weekend to talk about the program:



This program is part of iRide’s diverse set of 2015 initiatives, which include FREE outdoor programming throughout the province in a 4 session format, as well as 4 different indoor facility field trips offered once per class for limited time during the winter months. Our 2015 field trips include TaG Cycling (North Vancouver), Catalyst Kinetics Group (Burnaby / New Westminster), Burnaby Velodrome (Burnaby / Vancouver) and Abbotsford BMX (Abbotsford)

By this spring, over 6800 students will have taken part in the iRide program. For more information and to get CyclingBC’s iRide Schools and Community Program in your school click here or contact

iRide at TaG Cycling