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Introducing iRide Cycling Group coach grants

Would you like to see a youth cycling program in your community in 2017? Cycling BC can help!

New for 2017, iRide is offering coach development grants that provide over $750 in training and support to groups of community leaders interested in creating an after-school iRide Cycling Group.

To get started now, visit our START A GROUP page and explore our Estimator Tool.

iRide’s community program is a next step for most of our young participants and offers the chance for participants and parents to connect and enjoy the benefits of building confidence on bicycles. To read an example of one of the ways iRide can help bring cycling to your community, continue reading about our 2016 events in Terrace:

This autumn iRide visited Terrace, BC, to kick-start the community and help create a foundation for future cycling events in the area. We first started planning our visit in February after a group of community leaders requested an NCCP Community Initiation coaching course.  A few weeks later, 10 new coaches, trained and inspired by their experience, began planning an after-school program for the following spring.

After these community leaders finalized four dates for their 2017 spring iRide Cycling Group, Cycling BC’s iRide head coach Ben Chaddock visited Terrace with the Lower Mainland iRide bicycle fleet. Over the course of six days in late September, iRide was able to visit five schools, offer a free community program at the local Farmer’s Market, and provide the new local coaches with paid mentorship opportunities.  A second coaching course was also run during the visit and an additional six coaches were trained.

This visit to the community galvanized coach interest and successfully introduced the teaching philosophy and curriculum to local participants and parents. It was also a chance to get the kids excited about joining the local iRide Cycling Group next spring.

Local swimming and iRide coach, Crystal Thomas, aka ‘Captain Crystal’, enjoyed her time under Ben’s wing.

The past week was a great experience working with Ben. On the first day, I watched Ben work with the kids and helped out where necessary. It was really important to see how the wide range of skill and ability levels were accommodated by the format of the iRide session.

Very quickly I had the chance to work with my own group of students, with Ben nearby with his own group. Recess and lunch hour were a constant source of tips, tricks and reflections on both our parts…what worked well for these students? What didn’t work well? Since the group changes every hour as the classes rotate through the day, we kept the basic layout of the courses and drills consistent throughout the week.  This way it was easier for me to feel comfortable with the material and apply my expertise from swimming and youth coaching into the iRide curriculum quickly and effectively.

As a result of this on-site mentorship model, I feel that I utilized my coach development time more effectively than any other coaching forum I have attended. The consistent and helpful tips from Ben, filling any gaps in my cycling skill knowledge, really motivated me to take my own coaching to a new level.  I can’t wait to run more iRide programs with the local coaches come the spring.

As a result of this great week of events, the local coaching team in Terrace is now preparing for their spring events. With administrative support from Cycling BC, the group is now choosing their event locations, completing any necessary permitting, and deciding on target ages, abilities and who will coach which group.  Before their event takes place in April, the group will receive their own iRide backpack, complete with all the equipment to run a successful program.

iRide is interested in expanding to new areas of the province using a similar model to the Terrace program.  Contact today to get started.

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Find out when the next iRide event is taking place in your community by visiting our events page here.   Cycling BC’s iRide program is also currently selling a number of our in-school rental bikes. Parents can learn more here.

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Captain Crystal at St. Anthony's in Kitimat, BC
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Gold Medals at the Farmer's Market
Happy faces at ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo school
Karate tights turns!
Standing karate tight turns
Ride the plank! Look out for the crocodiles!
Lightbulb game at Skeena Middle School