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Cycling BC adds Freelap timing to BMX clubs


Cycling BC is excited to announce that all the Cycling BC BMX clubs will have Freelap timing equipment built into their tracks for 2013.

Each club will have several watches for athletes to use.  A transmitter will be attached to the gate and finish line.  Each club will also have a couple wands that can be placed anywhere around the track for coaching.  The transmitters will be built into the tracks so anyone can get timing information anytime they ride at the track, not just club events.

Watches can also be purchased from Freelap, if you are looking for your own personal watch.   Check out for more information on Freelap.

“Having the Freelap timing system allows you to compare different lines and different riders on the track.  Not to mention possibly the best way to track your progress and take your training to the next level. “  – Mischa Partridge – Elite Athlete/Youth development Coach.


How does it works?

Your personal FREELAP Stopwatch automatically detects the magnetic signal emitted by the completely wireless FREELAP transmitters positioned along the course and instantly provides you with accurate training results!

Since your times can only be capture by your independent FREELAP Stopwatch, other athletes in your surroundings cannot affect your times by crossing a laser beam or interfering with a radio signal like you would regularly see with other devices. So go ahead make every run count!


The first track to have the Freelap system up and running will be the Abbotsford indoor.