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Blueprint Camp #2 Part 2


Nov. 27, 2016 @ 10:15 am - 3:30 pm

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Camp Goals

  • A challenging, but fun weekend training camp for athletes in the early stages of 2017 race preparation
  • Refine riding skills
    • Efficiency vs. FullSpeed
  • Performance on demand and cognitive training
    • Mental approaches for successful racing
    • Freelaptraining–mini-races while fatigued from morning session
    • Up and Overs–exhaustive efforts followed immediately by technical skill use
  • Combining dryland training with on bike development
    • Refine lifting techniques, muscular activation, proprioception
    • Recovery strategies
  • Build aerobic base
  • Train with other high performance coaches and athletes
  • Continue to build a culture of athletic excellence across all disciplines, athletes, and communities

Camp Athletes

  • Discipline: XC, Enduro, DH
  • Advanced to expert technical skills, intermediate to expert fitness
    • Can ride challenging blue and black trails
    • Can ride for 2+ hours at 6/10 effort with short bursts when/where required


10:15am SHARP

  • Meet at Storm Squamish (40330 Tantalus Road)
  • Wear running shoes and gym clothes
  • Pack weather appropriate riding gear in a bag and bike
    • both bags and bikes can be left at Storm
  • Bags/lunches can be left in Joel’s car
  • Trail bikes
  • Knee pads are strongly encouraged


  • Warmup
  • Dryland circuit led by Joel Harwood and Mike Charuk


  • Lunch
  • Bags can be removed from Storm and left in Joel’s car


  • Long distance endurance ride
    • Knee pads are strongly encourgaed


  • Pickup at St. John The Devine Anglican Church (right beside Storm)

Interested athletes can sign up with Joel at joel@blueprintathletedevelopment.com or Mike at mikecharuk@yahoo.com.