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iRide and Sprockids Join Forces

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At iRide Sprockids there is no bench – everyone gets to ride

Cycling BC’s iRide program and Doug Detwiller’s Sprockids program are very excited to announce a new initiative designed to make cycling as accessible as possible. This new initiative, called iRide Sprockids, combines the proven 8-week Sprockids curriculum with support from Cycling BC’s iRide Development grants to provide new program leaders everything they need to create safe, fun and memorable after-school cycling programs in their communities.

Over the past 27 years I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a large number of energetic young people who have embraced cycling and made it part of their daily lives. Sprockids programs are being run across all regions of Canada, as well as over 21 countries globally. The new initiative with Cycling BC, iRide Sprockids, will create a strong cycling legacy for children throughout British Columbia. Not only will more young people become engaged in cycling, there will also be opportunities for high school students to take on leadership roles and eventually become trained Sprockids Leaders. The future for youth cycling in BC is looking very bright!

– Doug Detwiller

Both Sprockids and Cycling BC’s iRide program share a philosophy regarding the benefits of getting young people involved in the lifelong sport of cycling.

iRide’s school program has experienced huge growth over the past two years and since 2013, iRide has coached over 25,000 students in British Columbia. But we have been missing the next step, community after-school programs that are fun and affordable for kids and easy to start and manage for neighbourhood leaders.

– Ben Chaddock

To help cycling enthusiasts get started, iRide Development grants make it easier for teachers, parents, youth cyclists, industry employees and community leaders to make a difference in their community. Grant recipients receive NCCP coach training, Sprockids training, coach and participant insurance for their programs, and an iRide backpack complete with teaching tools, first aid supplies, and manuals. Recipients also receive administrative support to help with registration, permits, and advertising, so they can focus on creating a memorable iRide Sprockids experience for their participants.

For many of us the concept of having to teach young people ‘How to Play’ may sound strange, but in our society young people do not always possess the knowledge or confidence to gather their friends together and explore the world around them. The iRide Sprockids initiative can help us introduce the next generation to our forests, mountains, and urban landscapes with the support and guidance of a trained leader. iRide Sprockids leaders are trained to address the key components of healthy child development, and by working together, iRide and Sprockids are positioned to help young people and their families discover the unique and magical world of cycling.

– Doug Detwiller

To learn how to bring iRide Sprockids to your community, please visit our prospective coach page or our iRide Sprockids page

To learn more about Sprockids, please visit


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