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iRide Field Trip first week wrap-up

Cycling BC’s iRide Schools and Community Program finished its opening week of field trips with a special video day with the students of Canyon Heights Elementary. A massive 32 student class maxed out TaG Cycling’s 17 CycleOps trainers last Friday and 2 hard-working riders went home with their own Cycling BC jersey. The students brought great energy to the facility and all parties were beaming after a leg-busting session.

Our on-bike skills competition for a chance to win a prestigious Cycling BC jersey was hosted by two-time Olympian Lesley Tomlinson. The competition included a series of trivia questions but quickly switched focus to a standing drill. Students rode out of the saddle while the music played and those who reacted quickest to changes won the prize. One jersey was awarded for each group of 17 students.

This program is part of iRide’s diverse set of 2015 initiatives, which include FREE outdoor programming throughout the province in a 4 session format, as well as 4 different indoor facility field trips offered once per class for limited time during the winter months. Our 2015 field trips include TaG Cycling (North Vancouver), Catalyst Kinetics (Burnaby / New Westminster), Burnaby Velodrome (Burnaby / Vancouver) and Abbotsford BMX (Abbotsford).

For event availability and full information on Cycling BC’s iRide Schools and Community Program, please contact