Downhill BC Cup Series 2016

Series Winners

Series Winner
Claire Buchar Elite Women Intense/Kovarik Racing
Chris Kovarik Elite Men Intense/Kovarik Racing
Piper Allman Junior Women Intense/Kovarik Racing
Alex Silverthorne Junior Men Expert Pedalhead Race Room
Kolt Hoyle Junior Men Sport
Jessie McAuley U17 Expert Men Intense/Kovarik Racing
J.T. Bjarnason U17 Sport Men
Tharen Markle U15 Men
Crystal Townsend Master Women 30+ Mudbunnies Riding
Doug Crook Master Men 40-49 Van Isle United
Don Van Eesteren Master Men 50+ Rippers Lounge Racing
Laurie Citynski Senior Women Team Darkhorse
Adam Woodhouse Senior Men C4 Rider Training


May 28-29 Race the Ranch Kamloops
July 1-3 Western Open Kicking Horse
July 15-17 Panorama DH BC Cup Panorama
July 22-24 Sun Peaks DH BC Cup Sun Peaks
August 5-7 Silver Star DH BC Cup Silver Star
August 26-28 Fernie BC Cup Finals Fernie

Series Standings & Results

Series Structure

The BC Cup Downhill Series is a great tool in preparing our best provincial athletes to compete on the National and International stage.

Seeding runs will be offered at each event and will determine start order for your race run, but will not count towards series overall points.

For all categories, each rider must complete at least 2 training runs prior to race start on Sunday. Riders who fail to complete 2 training runs may not be allowed to start at their established race time and receive a DNS. Each rider must ensure they have read and understood the Mountain Bike UCI rules listed here.

Riders must complete 5 out of 6 races to be eligible for an overall ranking. The best 5 out of 6 results for each rider will be used when calculating the final series standings.

There are no mandatory races in the series, although in the case of a tie, the highest placed rider at the final race (BC Cup Finals, Fernie, August 28th) will be the overall series winner.

Courses are marked on Thursdays, open to the public on Fridays with official training on Saturday and Sunday is race day. Please review individual race websites (see event table above) for detailed event schedule.

For more information on race regulations, visit our Rules & FAQ page.

Points Structure

Any UCI License holder will be eligible for BC Cup Points in the following categories:

  • U15 Men (the course must be approved for this age category by the Chief Commissaire no later than 3 weeks prior to race day)
  • U17 Sport Men*
  • U17 Expert Men
  • Junior Sport Men*
  • Junior Expert Men
  • Junior Women
  • Elite Men (Riders must hold a Pro-Elite UCI Race License (or equivalent))
  • Elite Women (Riders must hold a Pro-Elite UCI Race License (or equivalent))
  • SeniorMen*
  • Senior Women*
  • Master Men 30-39
  • Master Women 30+
  • Master Men 40-49
  • Master Men 50+

* Upgrade points will be awarded to riders in the categories marked with a “*”. Riders in these categories MUST upgrade upon meeting upgrade criteria, which are listed in the upgrade policy, hereBC Cup Points are not transferred when this occurs.

Riders in any category subject to upgrade may claim an early upgrade if they can produce verifiable results which shows a race time that would have put them in the top 25% of the field “Expert” (U17 or Junior) or “Elite” (Senior Men/Senior Women) category in the same race.

Upgrade forms must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to race time. Upgrade requests must be submitted through the online form, here.

Points will be awarded to the top 75 finishers according to the table below.

In the case of a tie, the highest placed rider at the final race (BC Cup Finals, 
Fernie, August 30) will be the overall series winner. Riders must complete 5 out of 6 races to be eligible for an overall ranking.


Event Prizes

The minimum prize amounts for the Pro-Elite Men and Women categories are as follows:

10 or more entries:
1st place: 5x pre-registration entry fee
2nd place: 4x pre-registration entry fee
3rd place: 2x pre-registration entry fee
4th place: 2x pre-registration entry fee
5th place: 1x pre-registration entry fee

5 to 9 entries:
1st place: 3x pre-registration entry fee
2nd place: 2x pre-registration entry fee
3rd place: 1x pre-registration entry fee
Less than 5 entries: no prize money required (left to the race organizers discretion).

Note: The “pre-registration fee” is the amount charged for online registration for the Pro-Elite category before the day of the event (no early bird pricing). This does not include any extra fees such as: Lift Tickets, Shuttle Fees, or optional items such as t- shirts or barbeques.

For all other categories with more than 5 entries, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place must be recognized with, at minimum, some kind of appropriate symbolic award such as a medal. The exact type of award is left to the discretion of the race organizer.

Series Prizes

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the series. The overall winner of each BC Cup category prizing will be published once confirmed. Prizes may very between categories. There will be equal prizing for men and women.

Riders must wear clean cycling apparel (comprising of clean shorts and clean team/sponsored jersey). Failure to do so will result in the loss of the award.

Riders who have placed in the top 3 and top 5 (for Elite Men/Elite Women) must attend each podium ceremony. Failure to do so will result in the loss of award.

Points Calculation

Place  Points  Place Points Place Points
1 200 26 5 51 3
2 175 27 5 52 3
3 155 28 5 53 3
4 140 29 5 54 3
5 130 30 5 55 3
6 120 31 5 56 3
7 115 32 5 57 3
8 110 33 5 58 3
9 105 34 5 59 3
10 100 35 5 60 2
11 95 36 5 61 2
12 90 37 5 62 2
13 85 38 5 63 2
14 80 39 5 64 2
15 75 40 4 65 2
16 71 41 4 66 2
17 69 42 4 67 2
18 66 43 4 68 2
19 64 44 4 69 2
20 62 45 4 70 1
21 5 46 4 71 1
22 5 47 4 72 1
23 5 48 4 73 1
24 5 49 4 74 1
25 5 50 3 75 1

2015 BC Downhill Cup

For information on the 2015 BC Downhill Cup series, including schedule and final series standings, click here.