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iRide Annual Report

Over the past twelve months, the iRide program has continued to make great strides across the province. Thanks to the support of our participants, teachers, parents, coaches and supportive donors, we are now one step closer to our goal of developing sustainable youth cycling communities in B.C’s eight regional zones by 2020.

This year, over 10,000 students were coached at schools, extracurricular community programs and special events, bringing our program’s total impact to 25,000 participants since 2013. To help replicate this success, iRide has now discovered and trained 15 head coaches from across the province who have the passion and skills to spark interest and build local programs. This year we successfully introduced a new funding model for school programs, providing free programs for all first year and at-risk schools, while helping us move towards our goal of sustainable school programming by 2020.

Other significant achievements include the launch of iRide’s new website in September and new coach grants launched in December to help grow after-school participation.  The new website was designed by iRide supporter, SplitMango, and was created to improve communication with participants, parents, teachers, and community members, and to establish a framework for the future.  To help iRide grow next year, the newly-available coach development grants are designed to make it as easy as possible to start local after-school groups. These grants provide a group of 2-10 coaches with the training, equipment and administrative support required to create a sustainable after-school program in just a few simple steps.  To learn more about iRide Sprockids and explore available iRide Development grants here.

Personally feel very fortunate to contribute to iRide’s growth and development. I have always loved to build things, whether it was Lego as a kid or spreadsheets as an athlete.  With iRide, I am able to share my passion with participants and new coaches, connect cycling programs and opportunities in each community as an ambassador of sport, and challenge my project management abilities to think critically and create effective, scalable administrative systems.

Last month, iRide coordinated our inaugural iRide coach conference, bringing together one head coach from each zone.  We spent the day reflecting, sharing ideas and establishing a working group for the future.  Once I was in the room and saw everyone together, finding solutions to our over-arching challenges and sharing coaching tips and tricks, I realized that we have reached our first critical benchmark: iRide now has the cohesive team of coaches we need to launch towards our 2020 goals.  I look forward to building on the success of the last two years by empowering our coaches with the tools and resources they need.  Your on-going support of iRide will help us make these goals a reality.

Whether you are an iRide participant, a teacher champion, an enthusiastic parent, a community leader, an iRide coach or a valued supporter, thank you for being a part of iRide’s journey this year.  Your participation is helping us ignite BC’s next generation of cyclists.  I look forward to another great year of fun events across the province in 2017 and wish you and your family the best this holiday season.

Happy Holidays,

Ben Chaddock

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